Confirmational message

Publish or Perish did not exit normally during the last session.
Do you want to restore the last available query data (recommended)?

Indicates that the previous session of Publish or Perish was terminated unexpectedly, for example because the computer or virtual machine in which the software was running was not properly shut down, or because the Publish or Perish process was forcibly terminated for some other reason.

Both the last properly saved data and the most recent running query data are still available. The running query data are more recent and reflect the state of the queries during the last 30 seconds or so of the previous Publish or Perish session.

Choose one of the following actions:

  • Click Yes to use the most recently available query data. This best reflects the state of your Publish or Perish queries before the previous session ended.
  • Click No to ignore the most recent data and revert to the query state as it was saved the last time that Publish or Perish did terminate normally. If you choose this option, you may lose some queries that were performed during the previous, abnormally terminated session.