Error message

Error <code> while backing up your queries:
Please consult the Help file.

Indicates that some kind of error occurred while the queries file was being backed up to disk at the end of the session. The reason for this problem should be given in the second line of the message; you should try to resolve this problem before starting the next Publish or Perish session.

Click OK to dismiss the message and end the session.

At this point, both your original (pre-session) queries and your new queries are present on disk:

  • %APPDATA%\Publish or Perish\Queries5.qml contains your pre-session queries;
  • %APPDATA%\Publish or Perish\Queries5.cur.qml contains your new queries.

Your original queries will be used when you start the next session unless you manually replace the Queries5.qml file by Queries5.cur.qml (after saving a backup copy of Queries5.qml, if at all possible).