How leaders learn to use power and authority: Insights for coaching theory and practice

Seminar by Management, Leadership & Organizations Department at Middlesex University

On 27 April 2022, the Management, Leadership and Organisations Department at Middlesex University Business School hosted a fascinating and stimulating seminar led by Strategic Mentor and Coach Dr Stephen Barden.

Based on the findings of his DProf thesis (which he completed at Middlesex University), Stephen explored in his talk how leaders exercise power while in authority. His main argument is that the way individuals exercise their power and authority is assumed, in childhood, by the way they learned to manage their relationship with their world. Stephen introduced his audience to the model of “The Navigational Stance”, which he developed from his DProf research. He explained through case studies and story-telling how this has shaped his coaching practice and work with senior leaders around the world.

The event was attended by about 50 staff and doctoral students from across the University, which also included students from the University’s Senior Leaders and Coaching Professionals Degree Apprenticeship programmes. The seminar received a lot of positive feedback from the participants.

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