Improve your Research Profile (1): Why is it so important?

The first in an 8-part series on improving your research profile, reputation and impact. Explains the rationale behind this series.

This presentation is part of an 8-part series that I created in my role as Staff Development Lead at Middlesex University (see: Supportive, inclusive & collaborative research cultures). The series is comprised of three key parts:

Before you start watching...

First, please realise that this 8-part presentation series only offers you a "menu of tools".

  • Use it “à la carte”, it is not a fixed/set menu; you don't need to partake in every dish
  • Different academics and disciplines may have different appetites for different dishes
  • Use this presentation as an opportunity to share experiences in your research group, Department, School or Faculty, not as a straight-jacket

Second, please don’t see working on your research profile, reputation and impact as a purely instrumental exercise.

  • It is something most academics are intrinsically motivated to engage with; it improves the diffusion of your research and your ability to make a real difference in the world
  • It is not something you “have to do” for your university; it is not “yet another chore” on a long to-do list
  • Yes, it will help your institution too, but ultimately it is something you do for your own intrinsic satisfaction and career

Watch the presentation to find out more.

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