Improve your Research Profile (7): Follow the 7 steps for impact

The seventh in an 8-part series on improving your research profile, reputation, and impact. Provides a simple 7-step process to improve your research reputation and impact.

This presentation is part of an 8-part series that I created in my role as Staff Development Lead at Middlesex University (see: Supportive, inclusive & collaborative research cultures). The series is comprised of three key parts:

Improving your research profile: as easy as 1,2,3..7

In the previous session, we discussed the importance of setting up research profiles and the pros and cons of social media. I also gave you a quick overview of the various social media options. In this session we’ll get very practical. I’ll talk you through the process that I follow myself for every paper that I publish. Obviously, publicizing an individual paper is only one part of improving your reputation and impact, but for many of us publications are a very important tangible part of our research.

The image below shows the whole 7-step process. Seven steps might sound like a lot, but many of them are quick to do. In the presentation, I will take you through them one by one. Watch the presentation to find out more. The first four steps are all about making your paper available online to ensure it can be read by those who are interested. The next three steps are related to communicating about your paper to increase the likelihood that people will find your paper. Again, please don’t see this process as a straight-jacket. If it makes more sense to you to do these in a different order, go ahead. The main thing is to do as many as possible of these.

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