Publish or Perish using MacPorts

Detailed instructions on how to download and install PoP for OS X using MacPorts Wine

Publish or Perish version 7 and later are available as native macOS applications. You no longer need a virtual machine with Windows inside as you did for previous versions of Publish and Perish.

Please refer to the macOS main page for installation instructions on macOS.

The remainder of this page is for archival purposes only.

According to information that we received courtesy of Frédéric Fondement, Publish or Perish works well with the MacPorts port of Wine if you do the following.

  1. Install MacPorts (important: note that MacPorts requires Xcode and Quartz X11 support preinstalled on your OS X system).
  2. Open Terminal and install Wine by executing:
    sudo port install wine
  3. Download the Publish or Perish installer for Windows.
  4. Still in Terminal install Publish or Perish with the command:
    wine PoP6Setup.exe
  5. Once installation is ended, Publish or Perish can be run by issuing the following command from Terminal:
    wine /Users/${USER}/.wine/drive_c/Program\ Files/Harzing\'s\ Publish\ or\ Perish\ 5/Bin/PoP.exe &
  6. To use Publish or Perish without Terminal, create and compile the following Apple script:
    do shell script "/opt/local/bin/wine /Users/${USER}/.wine/drive_c/Program\\ Files/Harzing\\'s\\ Publish\\ or\\ Perish\\ 5/Bin/PoP.exe"