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A government sponsored site, Austrade provides export and investment services to Australian companies. The country and industry resources on their website might also be of interest to IB researchers.
4C - Fourcee
Fourcee specialises in strategic advice on how to connect international strategy with corporate culture. They pay attention to the role of multinational teams and international brands. Opportunities for graduates to make use of some internet tools.
GlobaledgeInternational Business Resources on the WWW
International business resources site maintained by MSU-CIBER (Center for International Business Education and Research of the Michigan State University). This site has links to hundreds of other web pages and has evaluated thousands of pages for their usefulness. Links to numerous magazines, academic journals and newspapers from all over the world can be found here (6 for Brazil alone!). The site also includes a wealth of regional or country specific information, statistical data, government resources, international trade information, company directories and information on culture and travel.
International Trade Web Resources (FITA)
Extensive searchable database of international trade web resources, annotated and indexed. Main categories: Entering International Markets, International Finance, Transportation and Logistics, Codes, Standards and Conversion, Government and Multi-lateral Organizations, Legal Resources for International Business, Trade and Economic Statistics, Trade Issues, Language and Translation, Business Travel Guide, Regional Resources and Multi-lateral Trading Areas, International Trade Associations (incl. Chambers of Commerce), Business Publications.
QR Business Reference Tools
A great collection of resources for economics, finance, marketing, world trade, and more, all on one page. Targetted at students looking for resources for their study in business or business project.
World Factbook
A great website if you want to quickly verify some basic country facts.