Expatriation and international jobs

Anne-Wil's choice of resources relating to expatriation and working internationally

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Eurograduate LiveEurograduate Live
Eurograduate Live contains an up-to-date Careers Database featuring thousands of Graduate Opportunities across Europe. There is also expert advice on Career planning and how to make job applications in other countries.

Europe Blue Card

Information about the Europe Blue Card. EU Blue Card is a work permit issued by 25 out of 28 EU Member States to highly-qualified non-EU citizens. It was introduced in 2007 by the European Commission.

Expat Women

Expat Women is a new web site designed to help all expatriate women living outside of their home country.

OutpostOutpost Expatriate Information Center

Shell's Outpost Expatriate Information Center not only provides information about working at Shell, but also has links to country information for most countries in the world.Third Culture Kids

Third-Culture Kids (was: Global Nomads)

A web site devoted to issues of interest to third-culture kids (check the web site to see if you are one).