Heejin Kim

Heejin Kim is associate professor of International Business at Graduate School of Economics and Management, Tohoku University, Japan. She is interested in knowledge transfer through mobility of individuals, subsidiary capability building, language policy, R&D globalization, and qualitative research method.

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5 pages and blog posts

Rejection, withdrawal, and acceptance: A story about message-journal fit
20 May 2024 - Heejin Kim
A look behind the curtain: what happens in the academic publishing process

Understanding the academic knowledge creation process: How to learn better?
25 Mar 2024 - Heejin Kim
Shows how we can apply academic theories to better understand our own profession

From little seed to fully-grown tree: a paper development journey
09 May 2022 - Heejin Kim
A novice writer providing a "behind the scenes" look at co-authoring for top journals

Sabbatical at Middlesex University London: a story of swans and unicorns
05 Dec 2020 - Heejin Kim
Heejin's wonderful reflections on her one-year stay in the UK

Beyond expatriation: How inpatriation supports subsidiary growth and performance
25 Apr 2022 - Heejin Kim
Telling the story of the background, motivation, and key findings of our study on inpatriation, subsidiary growth and performance