Academic software

List three useful software products and presents our software manifesto contains many free products & services. Here are some related products that we would like to bring to your attention.

InstallMate 7 screen shotInstallMate

InstallMate is a product to build software installers. Many academics in the Sciences and Engineering occasionally build their own software programs. InstallMate is your ideal choice to distribute these software programs. It is user-friendly and powerful at the same time. Its tagline is: Industrial Strength Software Installation. InstallMate sells for US$249 per developer, including 2 hours of premium support.

InstallMate is also the installer that is used to distribute Publish or Perish. In nearly 10 years and more than half a million Publish or Perish installations, we haven't received a single support request about the installation. A clear sign of InstallMate's reliability and ease of use.

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Password Generator screen shotPassword Generator

Password Generator is a Windows program that generates cryptographically strong passwords in a variety of formats (Letters+Digits, Base64, S/Key, Hexadecimal, and Custom). You can also use these passwords as encryption keys for symmetric encryption algorithms, or even as PIN codes. Password Generator is free.

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Publish or Perish screen shotPublish or Perish

Our extremely popular software program that retrieves and analyzes academic citations. It uses Google Scholar and five other data sources to obtain the raw citations, then analyzes these and presents a range of metrics. It runs on Microsoft Windows, OS X, and GNU/Linux systems. Publish or Perish is free.

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A 15-minute audio & slide presentation on citation analysis and Publish or Perish can be found on slideshare.

NEW: The Publish or Perish Book: now $9.95 Kindle, $14.95 PDF, $26.95 paperback

Our manifesto

We will not just offer any software products. Our products are designed to make your life easier in the following ways:

Software by academics for academics
Software designed by academics for academics that incorporates the features you want to see. For any product you can put in feature requests that will be implemented whenever feasible.
Software that any academic can use
Our software is intuitive and easy to use, even for those with limited computer knowledge. We spend a lot of time on creating accessible user interfaces that are self-explanatory. In addition, our products always have a complete helpfile.
Software that any academic can afford
We promise that none of our packages will cost more than US$99, with most being priced well below US$49, and many are completely free. This means that academics are able to afford our packages even if they do not have large research budgets.
Software with a purpose
We provide tailored software that performs one function (e.g. citation analysis, text analysis) really well rather than complicated programs that aim to do anything and everything, but confuse the user with their options.
Software that operates independently
There is no need to buy expensive base packages simply to operate our software. You are not locked into buying additional modules in order to get basic functionality. Our stand alone products provide full functionality.
Software that can be bought without hassle
To buy our software, there is no need to generate purchase orders or go through resellers. You can buy our software online instantly, using a variety of secure payment methods.
Software that can be installed without hassle
You can install our software yourself without needing administrator rights, either at home or at work. Our in-house installer (Tarma InstallMate) ensures that the installation process is easy, flawless and painless, even if you do not have Administrator access to your computer.

Your suggestions

If you have any suggestions about software that could make your life easier, please let us know.