International Human Resource Management, 2/E

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International Human Resource Management

© 2004 Anne-Wil Harzing and Joris Van Ruysseveldt (eds.), SAGE Publications Ltd., London, 499 pp. ISBN 0-7619-4039-1 and ISBN 0-7619-4040-5 (pbk).

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(This is the second edition; the first edition appeared in 1995; the third edition appeared in 2011, the fourth edition in 2014, and the fifth edition in 2019.)


This totally revised edition of the bestselling text provides a comprehensive, international perspective of the consequences of internationalization for the management of people across borders.

Based on feedback from lecturers and students, as well as careful consideration of the changing needs of relevant courses, this new edition contains many new chapters to offer students an up-to-date and thorough understanding of the essential elements of international human resource management.

While due attention is paid to expatriate management, the text also includes chapters on the role of HRM in internationalization, the link between strategy, structure and HRM in multinational corporations, and the role of HRM in mergers and acquisitions. In addition, a discussion of comparative HRM, and international and comparative industrial relations forms a major part of this book.

International Human Resource Management, Second Edition is truly international, both in its outlook and in its author base. Authors, all experts and active researchers in their respective fields, use examples from all over the world and their chapters supplement classic theories and models with cutting edge research and developments. All chapters are part of a carefully constructed framework and together provide a coherent picture of the field of international HRM.

This new edition also includes student discussion questions, further reading sections and a glossary. It will continue to be essential reading for students of human resource management, international business and international strategy.


Students, academics and professionals in human resource management, industrial relations and international business.

Table of contents

Foreword - Nancy J. Adler
Contributor biographies
Introduction - Anne-Wil Harzing

PART 1: Internationalization: Context, strategy, structure and processes

  1. Internationalization and the international division of labour - Anne-Wil Harzing
  2. Strategy and structure of multinational companies - Anne-Wil Harzing
  3. International human resource management: Recent developments in theory and empirical research - Hugh Scullion and Jaap Paauwe
  4. Human resource management in cross-border mergers and acquisitions - Günter K. Stahl, Vladimir Pucik, Paul Evans and Mark E. Mendenhall

PART 2: HRM from a comparative perspective

  1. Cross-national differences in human resources and organization - Arndt Sorge
  2. Culture in management: The measurement of differences - Laurence Romani
  3. HRM in Europe - Christine Communal and Chris Brewster
  4. HRM in East Asia - Ying Zhu and Malcolm Warner
  5. HRM in developing countries - Terence Jackson

PART 3: Managing an international staff

  1. Composing an international staff - Anne-Wil Harzing
  2. Training and development of international staff - Ibraiz Tarique and Paula Caligiuri
  3. International compensation and performance management - Marilyn Fenwick
  4. Repatriation and knowledge management - Mila Lazarova and Paula Caligiuri
  5. Women's role in international management - Hilary Harris

PART 4: Industrial relations: A comparative and international perspective

  1. The transfer of employment practices across borders in multinational companies - Tony Edwards
  2. Varieties of capitalism, national industrial relations systems and transnational challenges - Richard Hyman
  3. Industrial relations in Europe: A multilevel system in the making? - Keith Sisson
  4. The Eurocompany and European works councils - Paul Marginson

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