Welcome to my blog!

I know I haven’t been an early adopter in the blogging game, but I didn’t want to start until I knew I could fully commit to it. Too many blogs dry up to a drizzle of posts after a first active six months! My blog will pull together my 25-year experience of working in academia. Rather than providing mostly personal stories and reflections, my explict intention is to present material that is useful for (junior) academics.


Personally, I don’t much like the fairly ad-hoc and random organization of most blogs as it makes it hard to get a grip on the content. Therefore, my blog has a clear structure with six major categories. This is what you can expect on a regular basis.

  • Highlights from the Publish or Perish tutorial: The Publish or Perish course is an online tutorial consisting of 80 practical, “bite-sized” tips on how to most effectively use Publish or Perish, a software program that retrieves and analyses academic citations. In each post I will focus on a key problem in bibliometric analysis that can be resolved using Publish or Perish and the tutorial.
  • Academia Behind the Scenes: Substantive posts on an academic topic of around 1000 words. They present my experience on issues such as how to prevent desk-rejects, finding research topics, writing successful funding applications, networking, collaborations, preventing burn-out, open access journals, job interviews, making your case for tenure, and many many more.
  • Academic etiquette: Shorter (300-600 words) tongue-in-cheek posts on how to “behave” in academia. They do have a serious undertone though. Etiquette in academia is probably not a world apart from etiquette elsewhere. But it can’t hurt to be reminded :-)
  • Research Focus: Ok, so this is my blog, which means I can – occasionally – engage in some self-promotion :-). Hence once or twice a month you will find a substantive post (750-1000 words) summarising one or more of my research contributions, written in accessible language. Most of these research topics will be relevant to a fairly large audience, so I am hoping you won’t be skipping these posts. You might actually enjoy some of them!
  • Classic Papers: Contains my selection of academic articles that have made a real difference to the field. Not necessarily because they were published in top journals or because they were highly cited, but because they made their readers think twice.
  • From my inbox: Irregular short postings about the weird requests that end up in my email inbox.
  • Announcements: Topical postings about new publications, conference visits, and other important events.
  • That’s interesting: This (very) irregular series features an odd collection of what I think are interestingly weird research topics worth writing about. It reports on little research ideas, which are fun and interesting, but just not “meaty” enough for a serious article. We’ll start off with “How to address your teacher”.

Drop me a line

Hope you enjoy my blog. Please note that for a variety of reasons, I won’t enable a comments function on my blog at the moment. However, you are always welcome to drop me a line if you want to share something.