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Publish or Perish tutorial

Note: This tutorial was originally written for Publish or Perish v4 and all screenshots come from this version. However, the information as such is also applicable for later versions of Publish or Perish.

The Publish or Perish Journal impact analysis page allows you to perform an analysis of the impact of a journal's publications. This page contains a query pane with the minimum parameters that are necessary to look up the journal's publications on Google Scholar in three easy steps.

1. Install Publish or Perish

Download and install the Publish or Perish software on your computer. It will take less than 2 minutes and you do not need administrator rights.

2. Enter your search terms

Click on Journal Impact in the left-hand column and enter the "journal’s name" in the journal title field.

  • Use quotes around the name (e.g. "Management International Review").
  • It doesn't matter whether you use caps ("Management International Review" or "MANAGEMENT INTERNATIONAL REVIEW") or lower case letters ( "management international review").

Publish or Perish version 5

For Microsoft Academic searches include the full journal title only. Microsoft Academic does not return any results if you only provide a partial journal title. However, Microsoft Academic does provide far more accurate results than Google Scholar. Hence the refinements on the next pages are only relevant for Google Scholar searches.

3. Execute the search

Click on the button called "lookup" [top right].


A search like this provides good results for journals with unique fairly unique names such as “Management International Review” or “International Journal of Cross Cultural Management”.


Support Publish or Perish

The development of the Publish or Perish software is a volunteering effort that has been ongoing since 2006. Download and use of Publish or Perish is and will remain free (gratis), but your support toward the costs of hosting, bandwidth, and software development are appreciated. Your support helps further development of Publish or Perish for new data sources and additional features.