PoP 8 new features (12): Facilitate repeated searching

Week 12 of a weekly announcement of new features of Publish or Perish version 8

On the 1st of November 2021, nearly exactly 15 years after first launching Publish or Perish, we released version 8 of the software. After two months of "soft launch", we are now ready to publicise its new features. To do so, I will post about a new feature every Thursday. If you want a complete overview have a look at this blogpost: Publish or Perish version 8.

Search partitioning to retrieve all cited works

We have facilitated search partitioning for cited works for searches in all data sources. Many data sources only provide a limited number of results, most typically 200. This means you may not be able to get all results for a particular author, journal, university or set of keywords without partitioning your search by year.

Publish or Perish now makes search partitioning easy: when you click the New button and select Duplicate Current Search, the new search will be pre-set to the same parameters as the original search, so all you have to do is adjust the year range in the new search (see above screenshot).

Repeat searches across universities, authors or journals

Additionally, this feature is also useful for these two use cases:

  • If you want to run a large range of searches with broadly the same search parameters and only want to change one parameter for each new search. For instance, you may want to:
    • do a search for a particular set of keywords for a list of universities. Using this feature you can duplicate the search and only need to replace the university name.
    • do a search for a particular set of journals for a list of authors. Using this feature you can duplicate the search and only need to replace the author name (see screenshot).
    • do a search for a particular set of keywords for a list of journals. Using this feature you can duplicate the search and only need to replace the journal name.
  • If you want to update a particular search without losing the original result, i.e., do longitudinal searches.

Repeat searches across data sources

Finally, this new feature also makes it easier to repeat the same search across a variety of data sources. If for instance you wanted to repeat an author search done in Scopus in Google Scholar to see whether this results in a larger number of publications and citations, simply click on new and select Google Scholar (see screenshot below).

This will repeat the search with the same search parameters. However, please do note that different data sources might have a slightly different search syntax. In that case you will still need to change the duplicated search. For details on the search syntax in various data sources, see the Publish or Perish manual for author, journal, affiliation and keyword searches.

Download Publish or Perish version 8

You can download the latest version of Publish or Perish from the following pages:

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