Paper details

The Paper details panel (introduced in Publish or Perish version 8) shows the details of the currently selected paper in the results list. The available details vary from data source to data source, and also between results from a data source, but generally comprise the following:

  • Title of the article or chapter, or of the book if the result refers to an entire book
  • Authors and year of publication, if available
  • Publication name, if available (typically the name of the journal, book, or conference in which the paper appears)
  • Volume, issue, start and end pages, as far as available
  • Publisher, if available
  • ISSN of the journal, if available
  • Number of times the paper was cited elsewhere
  • DOI, if available
  • Abstract, if available

If one or more of these items is not shown, it means that the data source did not return the relevant information for this paper.

In addition to the paper's details, the panel also contains a few command buttons and hyperlinks for quick access to the most relevant operations on the paper.

Button/link Description
Copy Paper Details

Displays a drop-down menu of commands to copy the details of the paper to the Windows or macOS clipboard in various formats as described in Exporting your data and elsewhere.

Note that similar commands are available via the Results list, (right-click in that list to see a popup menu) where you can apply them to multiple papers at once, and in the Citations metrics panel, where they apply to all results at once.

Open publisher's version Click on this hyperlink to open the publisher's version of the paper in your web browser. Usually, this opens the paper's meta information web page with the paper's title details, abstract, etc., but in most cases with access to the full text of the paper locked behind a paywall.
Open full text version Click on this hyperlink to open the best known full text version of the paper, if any, in your web browser. The availability of this link varies greatly between data sources.
Find with Unpaywall Click on this hyperlink to try to find the paper with Unpaywall and display it in your web browser. Unpaywall will try to redirect your browser to a full text (open access) version of the paper, if available, or else to the publisher's version of the paper.