The four P's of getting published

Short summary of white paper explaining how performance, practice, participation and persistance are needed to publish academic papers


One of the first things most PhD students and early career academics want to know is how to get their papers published, preferably in a good journal. Although I don’t pretend to be the world’s greatest expert on this, I have published nearly eighty peer-reviewed articles in just over 20 years, many of which in the top journals in my field.

So here’s my take on what is important to get your article published. For ease of recollection I have taken a leaf from my colleagues in Marketing and have come up with the four P’s of publication: perform, practice, participate, and persist.

  • Perform: submit the best paper you can
  • Practice and see feedback as a gift
  • Participate in academic networks
  • But most of all: Persist, Persist, Persist

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