Complex author questions: very easy!

Details how to run author searches for multiple authors

You can use the logical OR operator in the author field in Publish or Perish to find articles written by a range of authors. This strategy is very useful if you are searching for an author who has published under different names as it allows you to get a complete record for this author.

Maiden name and married name

The most frequent reason for this is women publishing under their maiden and married name or under different married names. For instance Rebecca Piekkari started out publishing as Rebecca Marschan in 1996, adopted Rebecca Marschan-Piekkari in 1998, before finally settling on Rebecca Piekkari in 2005.


Analyse co-author pairs

You can also use this feature to analyse co-author pairs. To search for articles co-written by specific authors, enter all their names in the Author's name field. For instance: "A Harzing" AND "M Pudelko" will return only articles that have both authors in their author list. As you can see below, Markus and I have published 13 papers together in the last nine years.