International Dinners web site — Monday 22 May 2000
That was a BRILLIANT thought -- if I only knew what it meant...  

Welcome! This is the International Dinners web site. Updated this week: the announcement of the next International Dinner, which will be held on Monday 29 May. May I also recommend Anne-Wil's new web site, hosted under her own domain name

— The editor (who's that guy?),

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Four Seasons
Hot and sour soup
Spicy chicken
Sweet and sour pork
Ants on the willow
Mu Xu meat
Yu Xiang chicken
Pearl meat balls
Chinese cabbage and sausage
Garlic broccoli

29 May 2000:
International Dinner

June 2000:
Picnic in the fields

Fried rice
Jiao Zi
Ba Bao Fan
Golden Dragon Play Pearls
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Important disclaimer: the international dinners are organised by Anne-Wil Harzing, lecturer International Management at the Management Centre, and her long suffering partner Ron van der Wal (that's me). They are solely intended as private social occasions and are not part of the programmes offered by the Management Centre, nor is the Management Centre or the University of Bradford otherwise involved in or liable for these functions.

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