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Publish or Perish tutorial

Note: This tutorial was originally written for Publish or Perish version 4 and all screenshots come from this version. However, the information as such is also applicable for later versions of Publish or Perish.

The Publish or Perish General citation search can be used to find specific articles.

A familiar scenario: tracking down an article?

Does this scenario sound familiar? In a conversation at a conference or workshop, someone mentioned a recent journal article that you should really read, but you forgot both the author and the journal the paper was published in.

Smart searching through PoP finds your article in seconds

All you remember is some words in the title: Google Scholar and h-index. Of course you could search for the article in Google, but this is likely to provide you with many false hits. Using Google Scholar through Publish or Perish can – within seconds – provide you with a list of likely candidates. The screenshot shows the search in question.


Please note: Microsoft Academic has a more restrictive search syntax. It does not seem to allow stop-words (e.g. a, the, or, and, of) and seems to have problems with hyphenated words (such as h-index in the above example). If you do not get any results, just experiment using different search strategies.

Result: your specific articles plus related papers

As we can immediately see there are only a couple of publications in the list, all recent. Although it was the most-cited article by Bar-Ilan you were interested in, you now also have a list of related articles that might of interest to you. Sorting these results per year also shows that several academics are posting recent papers on the arXiv preprint server, an excellent to keep readers informed of recent developments.


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