Confirmational message

Do you really want to clear the results cache?

Requests confirmation that you really want to clear the Publish or Perish lookup cache for the data source. This may be useful if you suspect that the cached data is somehow invalid or out of date.

Please note that after clearing the cache for the data source, subsequent queries will contact the data source directly (although the newly acquired data will then be cached again). This might cause a large number of data source accesses, which in turn might eat into your data source usage quota or lead to a temporary denial of access.

Therefore, wholesale clearing of the cache is not generally recommended. Instead of clearing the cache, consider:

  • Using the Lookup Direct command if you want to bypass the cache for a single query, or
  • Reducing the Keep cached results for ... days period if you need to refresh the data more often.

Click OK to clear the cache, or Cancel to keep the cached data intact.