The Publish or Perish Book: A guide to the software

Full information about the paperback version of the Publish or Perish Book, part 1

The Publish or Perish Book, part 1

© 2011 Anne-Wil Harzing. Published by Tarma Software Research Pty Ltd, Melbourne, Australia, 98 pp. ISBN 978-0-9808485-3-3 (pbk, b&w)

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(This is the first part of the full book; together with part 2 and part 3 it covers the same material as the full paperback edition.)

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The Publish or Perish book is a companion to the Publish or Perish software program, which retrieves and analyzes academic citations.

Part 1 of the book (featured on this page) shows you how to get the best out of the program through a detailed discussion of author searches, journal searches, general searches and the multi-query center.

The first chapter provides a brief introduction to citation analysis as well as an overview of the most popular data sources and metrics in use. An introduction to the main features of the Publish or Perish software is provided in Chapter 2. Chapters 3 and 4 subsequently provide detailed instructions on how to conduct effective Author and Journal Queries. Chapter 5 is devoted to the broader applications of the General Citation search that can be used to find particular papers, conduct advanced author and journal queries, compare institutional performance and conduct a literature review. Finally, Chapter 6 discusses how the Multi-query Center can be used to effectively store and manage queries for future use.

At the end of the book I provide a set of appendices that include the license agreement for Publish or Perish, a command reference, the pop-menu for the results page, export formats, a complete message reference and the pop-up menu for the multi-query center list view.

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The Publish or Perish Book is intended for all academic and non-academic readers who want to make better use of the Publish or Perish software and the Google Scholar database in general:

  • Anyone interested in making better use of the Publish or Perish software
  • Academics applying for a job, promotion, or tenure
  • Deans and other academic administrators
  • Academics doing literature research or writing papers or books
  • Bibliometric researchers and librarians
  • Editors and publishers of academic journals
  • Anyone interested in the strengths and weaknesses of Google Scholar and the ISI Web of Knowledge

Table of contents


Chapter 1: Introduction to citation analysis

1.1 Introduction
1.2 Why citation analysis?
1.3 Data sources for citation analysis
1.4 Citation metrics
1.5 Overview of the book

Chapter 2: Introduction to Publish or Perish

2.1 Introduction to Publish or Perish
2.2 Citation metrics
2.3 Exporting the data
2.4 Trouble shooting problems

Chapter 3: Author searches

3.1 Introduction to author searches
3.2 How to perform an effective author impact analysis
3.3 How to improve accuracy in author searches

Chapter 4: Journal searches

4.1 Introduction to journal searches
4.2 How to perform a journal impact analysis
4.3 How to improve accuracy in journal searches

Chapter 5: General citation search queries

5.1 Introduction to general citation search queries
5.2 How to perform a general citation search
5.3 Applications for the general citation search

Chapter 6: Multi-query centre

6.1 Introduction to the multi-query center
6.2 How to use the multi-query center


Appendix 1: License agreement
Appendix 2: Command reference
Appendix 3: Pop-up menu results page
Appendix 4: Export formats
Appendix 5: Message reference
Appendix 6: Pop-up menu multi-query center list view