6.2.4 List view (right)

The list on the right displays queries similar to the queries that you enter on the other pages, but presented in a condensed format. Queries can be moved between folders by dragging and dropping them with the mouse. They can also be copied (Ctrl+C), cut (Ctrl+X), and pasted (Ctrl+V).

The screenshot below shows the full results of the queries for ISI listed Accounting journals shown in the Multi-query centre tree view in the previous screenshot. Please note that the results can be sorted on any column: simply click on the column heading. By default the queries are sorted in the order in which they were executed. The list below has been sorted by h-index.

Multi-query list view

List view columns

The list view displays the following columns. At present it is not possible to change the columns that are displayed, but this might change in a future version of Publish or Perish.

Column Description
Query An abbreviated rendering of the query parameters, intended as a reminder about the query. To see all query parameters, press Alt+Enter to open the Edit Query dialog box.
Papers The number of results (~papers) returned by the query.
Cites The total number of citations returned by the query.
Cites/year The total number of citations in the query divided by the number of years spanned by the results.
Authors/paper The average number of authors per paper in the query results.
h Hirsch's h-index calculated for the query results.
g Egge's g-index calculated for the query results.
Query Date The date on which this query was last performed (see Results caching below).
Cache Date The date on which the query data were last retrieved from Google Scholar (see Results caching below).

List view popup menu

If you right-click on any of the queries in the list view, a popup menu appears with the following commands.

A full description of these commands can be found in appendix 6.