What's new?

Below is an overview of the new features and improvements that have been made to Publish or Perish. Please take a moment to familiarise yourself with the new features. You can download the latest software release from the Publish or Perish download page.

Release Build Changes
4.29.1 6134 Fixed query copy & paste bug that surfaced after a compensating bug was removed
4.29.0 6133 Added more diagnostic info to About box and error reports
4.28.1 6105 Reverted Google Scholar queries to HTTP; too many broken systems are still in circulation
4.28.0 6103 Switched all Google Scholar queries to HTTPS
4.27.0 6074 Added Donate to Publish or Perish option
4.26.2 5994 Small correction in MAS v2 query syntax formatting
4.26.1 5982 Minor tweak to queries loading on startup
4.26.0 5979 Added experimental support for Microsoft Academic Search v2 (subscription required)
4.25.1 5861 Small tweaks to the new help links and tips
4.25.0 5859 Added help links and links to Publish or Perish tips in various places
4.24.0 5833 Added Uncheck CITATION results command to result panel
5833 Added Journal ISSN to query fields
4.23.1 5829 Improved automatic retries after Google CAPTCHA
4.23.0 5824 Further improvements to Exclude these authors matching in Author impact queries
4.22.0 5819 Reorganized the vital statistics on the Results pane once more
5819 Improved Exclude these authors matching in Author impact queries
4.21.1 5804 Minor internal updates
4.21.0 5788 Added Publish or Perish online survey
4.20.0 5774 Various internal improvements and slight rearrangement of main menu bar
5774 Added Lookup Citations command, to drill down into citing references
4.19.0 5725 Made Web of Science import publication type more accurate, where possible
4.18.1 5715 Made IE CAPTCHA window resizable
4.18.0 5713 Added IE compatibility setting for Publish or Perish
4.17.0 5648 Added support for latest Google CAPTCHA format
4.16.0 5644 Made the User-Agent string configurable
4.15.2 5640 Tweaked results parsing to reduce likelihood of incorrect publication years
4.15.1 5630 Ensured that PoP error report is available after each error
4.15.0 5575 Updated to accommodate changes in Scopus CSV format
4.14.1 5539 Enhanced file protection and automatic recovery yet further to reduce chances of data loss even during sudden plugs-out test
4.14.0 5538 Added transacted file saving for protection during power fails and virtual machine problems
4.12.0 5516 Time-dependent metrics are now calculated relative to their query date instead of current date
5516 Added new error code 5 in response to HTTP status code 403
4.11.0 5493 Added fix for incomplete CAPTCHA URL sometimes returned by Google
4.10.1 5395 Public release, with some updates to CSV format and statistics storage
4.10.0 5393 Added h-set coverage and g-set coverage percentages
4.9.0 5392 Made query progress indicator more accurate and update results list while query in progress
4.8.2 5380 Further work on updated CAPTCHA support
4.8.1 5379 Further work on updated CAPTCHA support
4.8.0 5376 Updated CAPTCHA support after changes in Google's CAPTCHA handling
4.7.0 5349 CAPTCHA support is now enabled by default
4.6.4 5271 Updated technical support email address
4.6.3 5156 Fixed spurious Cancel messages during query tree loading and saving
4.6.2 5153 Added progress indicator and Cancel button to progress box during archive exports and imports
4.6.1 5149 Further improvements to year of publication extraction from various parts of the results
4.6.0 5148 Implemented archiving of all or selected queries
4.5.0 5120 Changed years active calculation to (end - start) instead of (end - start) + 1, to allow a 1 year grace period
5120 Fixed minor issue with multiple selection in multi-query view
4.4.9 5113 Improved extraction of stray publication years from titles
4.4.8 5075 Added workaround for new bug in Wine's InternetReadFile(), where Wine 1.7.4+ erroneously returns error 18 (ERROR_NO_MORE_FILES)
5075 Switched to 22.6 runtime libraries
4.4.7 5058 Improved error propagation following a 503 HTTP status code
4.4.6 5000 Changed internal parsing to accept only "double quoted" delimiters in author names, not 'single' or `back` quoted
4.4.5 4976 Minor list view drawing improvements
4.4.4 4975 Added periodic garbage collection option to preferences
4975 Added new error code 573 to indicate queries with missing results data file after garbage collection
4974 Fixed change of selection issue in multi-query center list control
4974 Redesigned garbage collection algorithm for deleted queries; added explicit garbage collection command to perform deep clean up
4.4.3 4974 Removed redundant results loading during multi-query selections
4.4.2 4973 Optimized background saving of query tree by minimizing disk I/O
4.4.1 4973 Added more Debug diagnostics to track background saving
4.4.0 4972 Added background saves of query tree to preserve query changes if PoP process terminates unexpectedly
4.3.2 4960 Added user-settable per-paper author limit for metrics calculations
4.3.1 4958 Minor corrections to author bin counting and related external data import parsing
4.3.0 4958 Minor user interface improvements in multi-query center
4958 Added new metrics: hI,annual and cites per author per year
4958 Increased maximum number of parsed authors to 50
4958 Increased maximum MAS results from 1000 to 10000
4.2.1 4953 Added UserAgent configuration option to resolve proxy issues
4.2.0 4948 Updated Google Scholar parser after minor changes in format
4.1.4 4944 Source column in multi-query center is now sorted alphabetically instead of on internal ID
4.1.3 4941 Added support for Google Scholar/Citations CSV import format
4.1.2 4907 Added per-request progress bar to show progress during lengthy MAS downloads
4903 Updated Google CAPTCHA support
4.1.1 4878 Minor corrections & improvements in MAS support; added separate GS and MAS query icons
4.1.0 4876 Added Microsoft Academic Search as a new data source (limited coverage)
4.0.18 4859 Added instrumentation & retry handling for various WinInet temporary error codes
4.0.17 4857 Public release of new CAPTCHA handling & related changes
4.0.16 4850 Further improvements to CAPTCHA support on older XP/Internet Explorer systems
4.0.15 4848 Added support for Google Scholar CAPTCHA requests if query rate gets too high
4.0.14 4835 Added workaround for bug in Scopus' Cites only data, which uses too many comma separators
4.0.13 4834 External Data Properties dialog box now has OK All and Cancel All buttons during external data import
4834 Added Mark for Lookup and Lookup Pending Queries commands
4.0.12 4832 Added FAQ answers about request rate limiting and error 8228
4832 Import external data command is now enabled on all pages
4832 Various internal improvements to request rate limiting
4.0.11 4831 Minor internal corrections
4.0.10 4830 Implemented adaptive request rate-limiter
4.0.9 4827 Added Last result column to multi-query center list view
4827 Added more accurate estimate of query duration to progress box
4827 Various internal improvements to query handling
4.0.8 4826 Made short-term request rate-limit a user-settable option
4.0.7 4825 Added various request rate-limiting options and diagnostics
4812 Publication type is now also captured from Google Scholar results and other data import sources
4812 Copy results command now also includes GS rank and query date, same as CSV export format
4.0.6 4810 Added Clear All button to author impact, journal impact, general query, and query properties panes
4810 Renamed Rank column to GS Rank in results pane
4810 Queries are now always sent to Google Scholar with subject areas=all
4.0.5 4809 Removed announcements infrastructure
4809 HTTP requests now ignore Internet Explorer's offline status
4.0.4 4808 Updated help file (provisionally) for public release
4.0.3 4798 Added multi-file selection to Import external data command
4.0.2 4792 Adapted to new Google Scholar per-page results limit
4.0.1 4790 Added and improved many external data import formats
4780 Added ISI/Web of Science data export format
4.0.0 4778 Removed subject area options from user interface (non-functional since May 2012)
4778 Changed to new user interface style (removed tabs; new navigation panel; new color scheme)
4778 Converted to latest runtime libraries