2.3 Exporting the data

Many users want to conduct additional analyses or data processing with the results gathered from Publish or Perish. In order to facilitate this, you can export the citation data from Publish or Perish to the following formats:

The general procedure is as follows:

  1. In the results pane, check the citation lines that you want to export. By default, all lines are checked and thus exported.
  2. If desired, click on the column headers to sort the data in the desired order. The sort is stable, which means that you can sort by multiple columns by clicking them in succession, but in reverse order. (For example, to sort primarily by author, secondary by year, and tertiary by publication, click on Publication, then on Year, then on Authors.)
  3. Choose “File > Save As xxx” from the main menu, where 'xxx' is the desired export format.

In Appendix 4 you can find the details of each format as Publish or Perish implements them. This appendix is provided is for reference only; in general you do not need to know these details if you are exchanging the data with other software that recognizes at least one of these formats.