Warning: Results limit reached.
The query returned <n> results, which is the maximum that Google Scholar allows.
This may affect the query coverage. Click Help for more information.

Indicates that your query returned the maximum number of results that Google Scholar allows (1000; sometimes a few less). Your query may have more matches, but the remainder are not available. As a result, some potential matches may be omitted from the list of results. Generally speaking, the missing results are deemed by Google Scholar to be less relevant than the ones that were returned. In terms of citations, these are usually articles with few (or no) citations.

The omission may or may not be significant: most high-level citation metrics such as the h-index and g-index are fairly robust and are unlikely to be affected. However, if you are looking for one or more specific results, then these might be missing from the results list.

Suggested remedy

If you feel that the query results don't include the information you were looking for, then you should try to narrow down the search by adding further search criteria. For example, you could use the Year of publication between ... and ... fields to limit your query to a few years.

For more search tips, refer to the type of search that you are performing: