Query in Progress

This dialog box appears when a Google Scholar query is in progress. It displays the current query, the estimated query duration, the current action, and progress bars for the current request and the overall query.

Estimated remaining time
The estimated remaining time is an estimate that is based on the current request rate and expected number of requests that still have to be sent. If adaptive request rate limiting is active, then the remaining time may go up as well as down when Publish or Perish adjusts the time between requests.
Current request
Progress bar that indicates the progress in the current request. Each query is broken down into separate data requests to Google Scholar or Microsoft Academic Search; this progress bar shows the progress for the current request. The query as a whole may require anywhere from 1 to 50 separate requests, depending on the data source and the number of results returned.
Overall progress
Progress bar that indicates the overall progress in the query. It is proportional to the maximum number of results that Google Scholar returns (currently 1000); if your query returns fewer results, then the query will complete before the progress bar is completely filled.

You can cancel the query by clicking on the Cancel button or by pressing the Esc key.