External Data Properties

This dialog box appears when you import external data, or when you select the Properties... of previously imported data in the Multi-query pane. It allows you to view and edit the attributes of the selected external data.


This dialog box contains the following fields and options.

Option Description
Name Enter the name of the external data. You can choose any name you like; Publish or Perish doesn't attach any particular meaning to the data name. It is preset to the name and date/time of the file that contained the original data.
Original format [Read-only] Shows the original data format, as detected by Publish or Perish.
Number of results [Read-only] Shows the number of records that were successfully imported. If this number is 0, then it is likely that the import format was not correctly parsed by Publish or Perish.
Imported fields [Read-only] Indicates which fields were found in the imported data. Unchecked fields were either not present in the original data, or did not contain any actual values.