8.3.4 Serendipitous findings

As an aside, finding Ghoshal's Scholarship that Endures article in Google Books also led me to stumble upon another article in the same volume of this research annual that is of substantial relevance to me (Bednar & Westphal, 2006). It deals with improving response rates when surveying corporate elites. It is another article that deserves far more attention than its meager 2 citations (one in a Health Care journal, one in a working paper in Accounting) seem to suggest it receives.

I therefore ran a search for articles published in this research annual (screenshot below) and discovered a large number of highly intriguing titles written by well-known scholars. However, most of these articles seem to have generated very little interest so far, with half of the papers having 0, 1 or 2 citations and only a quarter reproduced in the screenshot generating more than 10 citations. It is exactly these kinds of serendipitous findings that are facilitated by Publish or Perish and Google Scholar.

Serendipitous findings