7.7.2 Results

Using Publish or Perish I found the following citation metrics as of July 2010. I report the general h-index, the g-index, the contemporary h-index (hc) and the individual h-index (hI,norm). Years active is the number of years since the presidents first publication.

Obviously, this is a very distinguished group of academics, who on average have been active for 36-39 years. Hence, one should not expect every applicant for a professorial position in Management or International Business (let alone for positions lower down in the academic hierarchy) to meet these norm scores. However, if applicants do meet these norm scores or even come close to them, they should have a strong case for research impact.

Organization h-index g-index hc hI,norm Years active
Academy of Management
Academy of International Business

As is apparent from the range of scores within these two groups, there are substantial differences in citation scores even within these two distinguished groups of academics. Further, since most presidents of AIB and AoM are senior, well-established scholars many of them will have published a lot of their important work a while ago. This means that their contemporary h-indices are normally substantially lower than their regular h-index.

There are also two interesting disciplinary differences apparent in these norm scores. First academics in International Business can be expected to have lower citation scores overall than academics in Management. Second, academics in Management typically publish slightly more co-authored papers than academics in International Business, reflected in the more substantial drop in their individual h-index.