5.3.2 Finding a specific academic

The General Citation Search can be used to find specific academics. Does this scenario sound familiar? You have attended your fields major academic conference and had a good conversation with someone you really want to follow up with. However, you did not get their business card and forgot their name. The only two things you remember is that they were working at the University of Melbourne and published in the Academy of Management of Learning & Education, which is the journal you were talking about.

Of course you could go to the University of Melbourne website and review their staff list, but that might be quite a tedious process. You could go through the table of content of the Academy of Management Learning & Education hoping you remember their name. However, what would be much simpler is to conduct the search below, which would allow you to refresh your memory in seconds and realize that you had been talking to me. This search strategy will certainly not always lead to such a quick result, but it is worth a try.

Searching for a person

Please note that this search is not flawless. Google Scholar does not have a field for “affiliation”, hence the name of the university will be matched anywhere in the document. The results of our search contained four articles, two by myself, one by a (former) colleague Ray Zammuto and one by Neal Ashkanasy (University of Queensland). In his article though, Neal refers to Ray Zammuto's paper and his affiliation with Melbourne.