5.1 Introduction to general citation search queries

The General citation search page allows you to perform an Advanced Scholar Search query and analyse its results. This page contains a query pane (see Section 5.1.1) with all parameters accepted by Google Scholar.

If you mainly interested in citation data for particular authors or journals, you might find the Author Impact search page (see Chapter 3) or the Journal Impact search page (see Chapter 4) more useful. These pages are tailored to provide only what is needed for an author or journal impact search.

The results of a general citation search are available on-screen and can also be copied to the Windows clipboard (for pasting in other applications) or saved to a text file (for future reference or further analysis). For a description of the results pane, see Section 2.1.2.

Note Tip: Any queries that you execute on this page are automatically added to the Recent Queries folder on the Multi-queries center page.