3.3.4 Author of publication listed under title

For some references Google Scholar lists the author name as part of the title, rather than including the authors name in the author field, presumably because its sources were inaccurate or difficult to parse automatically by Google's web crawler.

As a result the reference does not show up if you search using the author's name in an author query, as this query only lists results where the name is listed in the author field. For example, the following highly cited paper by Anbulagan did not show up when searching for his name in the author field [this particular problem has since been fixed by Google Scholar].

[CITATION] Anbulagan. Heuristics based on unit propagation for satisfiability problems
CM Li - Proceedings of the International Joint Conference on …, 1997
Cited by 237

If you have reason to believe that certain publications of a particular author are missing, you might want to repeat the search using a general query with the authors name in the Any of the words field. This query searches for the authors name in all parts of the database. Whilst it normally provides a large range of irrelevant results (especially if an authors name is also a common noun, e.g. Robert Wood), it does allow you to find publications where Google Scholar has accidentally misplaced the authors name.