2.4.6 What is this error 13?

This means that the Google Scholar response to your query contained no recognizable data. Possible causes include:

While we try to adapt as quickly as possible to changes in the Google Scholar output format, there may be a delay of a few days after Google Scholar introduces a new format.

Furthermore, even after we release a new version of the software, you must update your own copy of Publish or Perish to receive the benefit of the new software version. You can do so through the Publish or Perish web page, or by using the Help > Check for Updates command from the Publish or Perish main menu.

After updating the Publish or Perish software, retry the query using the Lookup Direct button (instead of Lookup). This retrieves fresh query data from Google Scholar, which might resolve the problem.

If nothing else helps, then please lodge an error report to Publish or Perish technical support as follows:

  1. Repeat the query that failed.
  2. Choose the Help > Report Error command from the main menu.

This generates an error report (a plain text file) called PoPError.txt that you should attach to your email to the Publish and Perish support address. We need the information in the error report for an accurate diagnosis.