2.4.3 My paper contains an incorrect title (or year, author name or author list)

Publish or Perish uses Google Scholar data to calculate its citation metrics. Google Scholar's processing is automatic (unlike ISI's that involves manual handling and checking, with the associated price tag) and hence occasional errors do occur. For more information limitations of Google Scholar, see Chapter 13 which discusses the advantages and disadvantages of the different data sources for citation analyses.

These errors are often due to incorrect or sloppy referencing of your paper by others. Try to find the referencing works to see if this is the case. If these are correct after all, then you can inform Google Scholar of the error (scholar-support@google.com) or lodge an error report here http://www.google.com/support/scholar/bin/request.py?contact_type=general.

Please note though that like Publish or Perish this is a free service and it might take a while before you receive a response. Finally, please note that in some cases your name may be listed incorrectly by the journal publisher itself. In that case of course Google Scholar cannot help.