2.1.1 Publish or Perish testimonials

Section 1.1.1 provides a summary of the many and varied uses of Publish or Perish. A small selection of user feedback below also provides a good insight as to how academics are using Publish or Perish.

Many thanks for your generosity and congratulations for your work. If we didn't have your program it would be very complicated to conduct our research, because we are running this project with a shoe-string budget.

I didn't know which papers were the most referenced for my own work, and when discussing with other researchers, in many cases they themselves don't know. Knowledge about these matters is helpful understanding the structure of the research and the social network that surrounds it.

Publish or Perish has become an essential tool for academics around the world. In my job as an editor of a major international journal, I often need to run a quick check on colleagues, for example, wish to be considered for Board membership. PoP is perfect for such purposes.

I recently had to compile an online bibliography of work in [...] for Oxford University Press.POP was incredibly helpful for figuring out what the most cited works and scholars were in the various sub-areas I included.It would certainly have been a less useful contribution to the OUP series without POP.

PoP has become an academic workhorse for both doing research as well as evaluating researchers and journals (I served as the chair of the "fellows selection committee" of my professional society, where it was an important tool). I also routinely use it to find important papers in an area, or the best people working on a topic (for referees).

As a senior academic in a non-traditional field, I've recommended your web site to a number of my colleagues. I'm always looking for non-ISI options to suggest to junior faculty looking to make the case for tenure. Your efforts are appreciated!

I have been conducting an analysis of highly cited tourism scholars using 'Publish or Perish. The PoP program is excellent, especially since our field of study is excluded from the Thomson ISI. Google Scholar and your program provide the only valid method of assessing the contribution that individual scholars have made to the field.