11.2.2 Important journals

Sorting our earlier results on born global firms (without the title only limitation) by publication allows us to identify the journals that publish articles relating to this topic. All of the mainstream international business journals (Journal of International Business Studies, Journal of World Business, Management International Review and International Business Review) contained a substantial number of papers on the topic. The results for International Business Review are reproduced below and show that since one of the seminal articles was published here, the journal has gone on to publish nearly a dozen articles related to the topic.

Specialized International Marketing journals such as International Marketing Review and Journal of International Marketing also contain a large number of papers on this topic. Most born global firms are exporters rather than multinationals with subsidiaries abroad. Exporting has traditionally been a topic of interest to the International Marketing community.

Finally, the results also show a large number of papers in the International Journal of Globalisation and Small Business and a very large number of papers in the Journal of International Entrepreneurship. This illustrates that the born global phenomenon often concerns small and medium sized firms and that the early internationalization decision should be seen in the context of entrepreneurship.

Important journals