11.1.2 Worked Example: Management in Russia

Let us assume you are interested in doing research on management in Russia as an extension of your previous research on management in transforming economies. However, you would first like to know whether anything influential has been written about this topic (see below). In this case I limit the subject area, because the search terms are fairly generic. If I didn't limit the subject area, the search would also give us papers on for instance fire, soil and forest management in Russia.

Management in Russia

The results (see above) quickly establish that there are only a few papers and authors in this field that have received a substantial number of citations. What is also immediately apparent is that most of this work was published quite recently, starting in mid nineties. This is not entirely surprising as it would have been virtually impossible for Western researchers to do research in Russia until the fall of the Berlin wall in 1989.

However, the search does identify a book published by MIT Press in the early seventies, which compares management in France, Britain, the United States and Russia. This might be a useful source for an overview of Russian management in the past.