Book series: Working in academia

A new book series including thematic books on various aspects of academic careers, based on my blog on the topic


This series is a collection of books dealing with various aspects of working in academia. It is based on my popular blog. There is currently only one book in this series: Writing effective promotion applications, but new books will be added regularly, so do check back! Books are reasonably priced to make them accessible for individual academics, as well as universities who would like to bulk-buy books for their staff members. However, for those for whom this price is still a barrier, similar information can always be accessed for free from my blog.

Publication details

Harzing, A.W. (2022) Writing effective promotion applications: Crafting your career in academia, Published by Tarma Software Research Ltd, London, United Kingdom

  • Black & white paperback, 95pp. ISBN 978-1-7396097-3-3. US$7.95, Amazon US, £6.95 Amazon UK, also available on other national Amazon stores.
  • Kindle edition, 105pp. ISBN 978-17396097-1-9. US$5.95, Amazon US, £4.95 Amazon UK, also available on other national Amazon stores.

Book description

Want to progress in academia? Read this book for practical, step-by-step guidance on writing effective promotion applications, leaving you better prepared to climb the academic career ladder. It teaches you how to evidence that your research, teaching, and leadership has made a real difference and demonstrates how to embed this evidence in an overall career narrative. It also provides insights into how your promotion panel evaluates your application, explains why external promotion is easier to achieve than internal promotion, but also outlines the advantages of internal promotion.

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